Stock and Nonsense

Good news at the beginning of the week, when I was accepted as a contributor by Shutterstock, a stock photography site. It is quite nerve-racking to have your photographs assessed so closely, not just technically but also for sellability. So now all I have to do is take some brilliant photos which tell a story…

I had a great morning on Wednesday visiting the local Toddlers’ Group and discussing what I could do for them.

Then on Thursday night I went out again with my camera to see whether the aurora was visible. No luck with that but I did see these unusual cloud formations. Anyone know what they mean?

D3S 3009 2a

The week ended really well with us as guests at Sarah and Paul’s wedding. It was a lovely day, and we even got some sunshine. I felt a bit strange being at a wedding and not being the official photographer, and probably had my camera up more than I should have but they were a lovely couple and it was so good to see them enjoying their day.

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