Rain and More Rain

Like everyone else, we are suffering from the dreadful summer weather. This week, we had hoped to be focusing on our stand at the Haddington Agricultural Show, displaying our wares, meeting potential clients and providing free portrait sessions. We had had a great time last year, and got quite a lot of work from the day. But the rain just kept on falling and despite all the work the organisers had put in the field was badly flooded and the Show had to be cancelled. Still, at least it provided a new environment for some visitors….

We did manage a great day out at Stirling for my birthday. It has been over a year since we visited the Castle, so we had not seen John Donaldson’s wonderful reproductions of the Stirling Heads painted and installed on the ceiling in the King’s appartments, the Unicorn tapestries in their new home or the new exhibitions. It was great – there is such a lot to see at Stirling now and the history is handled very well. Lots of interesting angles for the photographer. I really liked this modern staircase put in to take visitors down from the Heads exhibition too.

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