The First Week

I have had a very varied first week. It began with a real indulgence – the opportunity to take part in a Blipfoto flashmob taking photos of Ian Rankin no less to launch See Us, a photographic contribution to the Year of Creative Scotland.

On Friday, I had a fun afternoon at Muirfield Riding Therapy, taking photographs of three classes of kids enjoying their end of term games. It was great to see their enjoyment of the horses and their pleasure in developing new skills. And the dedication of the volunteers, especially the Sixth Year pupils who give up their Friday afternoons to help out, was inspiring. It was also good to see the new foal and get some shots to help raise sponsorship.

I had an unexpected phonecall on Saturday, from a local small business which makes cakes. Rachel had produced a full size Gibson guitar cake for a birthday party and needed a record of it for promotional purposes. It was a case of throwing the gear in the car and leaving at once since there was only a short window between the cake being finished and the delivery time for the party.

D3S 9786a

Then on Sunday, I had a tremendous day at a Yerbury workshop on portraits. I love the Yerbury style and approach, and learned a great deal. It was good to work with Fredau, the very expert model they had engaged for the day too.

A good week, which included quite a lot of admin too and at long last a re-vamp of the website. We hope you like it. It would be great if you could let us know what you think.

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